How to Generate Traffic and Followers on Twitter

There are several sites that offer to find large groups of people who are interested in a particular topic or keyword that you provide. The following websites do an excellent job of finding potential followers for you.Blastfollow.comThis site will search for people who are talking about topics that you are interested in. There are many other sites and applications that will find large groups of people interested in your topic, but we have found that is not only the most effective, but also the most reliable and easiest application to use.Because is so easy to use, my example will walk you through their setup process.The first thing you will need to do is go to the home page of that you are on Blastfollow’s home page, type a keyword that describes your hobby into the text box that is to the right of Hashtag. For example if your hobby is baseball, you can search with “baseball” as your keyword. Blastfollow will then search for people who are actively tweeting with the word “baseball” in their tweets. This way everyone who you follow will be interested in your hobby if you stick to this technique. Once you have a keyword typed in, click on the “Get Users!” button.Blastfollow will then tell you how many users it has found and new text boxes will appear below the original text box. You are then prompted for your Twitter user name and password. Provide the required information and click on the ‘Blast’ button once you have done so.When you Click on the “Blast” button, Blastfollow will automatically follow all of the Twitter accounts that are tweeting about the keyword. Most of these people will start to follow you because they have something in common with you and are interested in what you have to say.With Blastfollow, you can perform the keyword search as many times as you want. Just make sure that the keywords are related to your hobby or is a fully automated application that will automatically follow people who are tweeting about topics that you are interested in. It is similar to Blastfollow in this regard. However it is slightly different because whereas Blastfollow will only search for people when you manually perform the search, twollow will automatically search for people tweeting about the keyword you have listed as your hobby.Twollow will not follow as many people as Blastfollow at once, but it will follow 5 to 10 new people throughout the day, and each day after that.Twollow will keep searching for people who are actively tweeting about keywords that you have listed as your hobby, and it will continue to work without you having to do anything. The only reason you might want return to Twollow is to change, or expand your keywords.The site was once completely free, but they are now charging monthly fees for their service. They do however, offer a four day free trial, and if you cancel before the end of the trial, you will not incur any fees.
Setting Up an AccountWhen you arrive at the home page, click on the button as indicated by the blue arrow below. Once you do so, you will be prompted to enter your Twitter login. You will then be prompted to enter your billing information. Once your billing information is completed, you will be redirected to Twollo’s main page. You will need to login on the left side of the screen.Now that you are signed in, you should be on your twollow welcome page. You will notice that there are four sections on this screen. The second section is the only section that you will need to be concerned with for your free trial. This is the “Keyword or Phrase” section on your account home page. In the first field, you will want to keep “Follow” chosen as your option. In the second field, select “up to 200″ from the drop down menu.Next, you have the option to add your Keywords. With the free trial, you can only select one keyword. If you opt to keep this account running, you would have the option of adding additional keywords at a later time. This is where you want to type in the hobby that you have chosen for your Twitter account. Once you type in your keyword that relates to your hobby, simply click on the “Add” button.NOTE: When you first setup your keywords, twollow will not find people who are tweeting about the topic you typed in. It will take a little while for you to start following people with this program.Your keyword is working if it is listed under the Keyword or Phrase title after you clicked the “add” button. If you want to make sure that your keyword will find people, use the “Quick Run” button that is located to the right of your keyword. You can then select the number of people you want to follow that are talking about your selected keyword. Our suggestion would be to select the largest number. In this case it is up to 200 people.It will do a test run of your keyword, and if it is working properly it will find a number of people that are interested in your keyword. In the future, you may want to change or update your keywords in order to reach additional people.If you choose to change your keywords, you can simply log back in, and change the keywords. When you change your keywords, you always want to make sure that you keep them relevant to your hobby for that Twitter account.Now you are connecting to people who are actively tweeting about keywords related to your hobby. In other words, the people that you start following share a common interest with you. You are beginning to build relationships based on common ground. It is not too difficult to build a relationship with people that have a common interest.

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